Musikal Musings #6 & #7

Happy New Year!

We all know that the end of 2016 was atrocious, especially considering the political climate in the United States and the rest of the world. What a lot of people have turned to, including myself, for healing, is our art. No matter the medium in which we pour our hearts and aspirations, our creations give us and those that come into contact with them, life. Hope. Positivity. Happiness. Peace.

And when we create, there has to be some background music!

Here is Musikal Musings #6, “J’ai Deux Amours” by Madeleine Peyroux. A charming French song.

Video Credit: Madeleine Peyroux and YouTube.

And here is #7, the perfect New Year’s song and my personal anthem to 2017, “Love You Zindagi” from the Indian film Dear Zindagi staring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan.

Video Credit: Sony Music India and YouTube.

My Neighbor: The Witch



Darling. Darling. My darling.

I sensed that something was amiss. Nothing’s wrong? Oh…I’m sure something will be soon. But never fear, I brought you this basket.

Living amongst humans can be such a pain and take a toll on our well-being. Of course, you’re quite alright. I meant the other humans.

Anyways, I always keep an extra batch of these and thought I’d bring it over. In return, can you do me a favor and not let our other neighbor get into my magical herb garden? I’ll be out of town during the full moon, for a Wicked Retreat.

Lovely. I knew I could count on you.

So, there are three vials containing potions. The clear liquid will bring clarity, for days of confusion and contemplation. The red liquid is for anger, for those that are fueled with fire, get shit done. And lastly, we have the blue, wait. That’s not for you! I’ll take that back. That’s for getting people out of your way when you’re driving on those awful freeways.

Well, my familiar has something to say…

My Neighbor: The Vampire


You always seem to meet me on those dark and ever-so thundering nights, neighbor. Sorry, did I freak you out? I was just treading the pathways of the complex. It’s good for pre and post digestion, you know.


Oh. I guess dressing in all black doesn’t help. But what can I say? That’s how us rebels roll. The other colors just don’t reflect our inner badassness like black does. I guess there is always…dark gray.


But, we can meet under the sunny blue daylight too, but it’ll be a little awkward, you know, considering…

That I work the graveyard—What? No, I don’t work at the graveyard. I work the graveyard shift at the hospital.


The sun doesn’t do it for me. My roommates and I prefer a different kind of light, a waning moonlight paired with sweet dead silence. But here in the city, you can’t seem to get that quiet life. The countryside was nice, filled with less noisy things.


Anyways, it’s almost midnight, want to meet up around two and get some spicy garlic noodles? Hmm? No, I’m not allergic. Just who do you think I am?



Musikal Musings #5

The summer track award and Musikal Musings #5 goes to “Chitta Ve” from the Indian film Udta Punjab. The feature is an organic portrayal of the lives of diverse individuals who become entangled due to the conditions produced by their environments.

The film has wonderful acting by Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Diljit Dosanjh.

The entire soundtrack for the film is amazing but this song sung by Babu Haabi, Shahid Mallya, and Bhanu Pratap is something special. I mean, I wouldn’t share it with you if it weren’t and the fact that I’m a fan of Shahid Kapoor has nothing to do with it.

Nothing at all.


Source: Zee Music Company


Books. Art. A little rain. What more could you ask for?



Last weekend, something was stirring in Los Angeles.

The L.A. Times Festival of Books held on the grounds of USC was an inspirational space. Getting to it however, was another story. Finding parking when there are multiple events happening in the same section of the city is something you’ve got to leave to the powers that be. I think I must have walked five miles by the time the day was done. It was definitely worth it.


Author panels and artist performances were everywhere and this semi-controlled chaos did get overwhelming at times.

One of my favorite parts of the event was spending time at the Kaya Press & USC PhD in Creative Writing & Literature-Indie Lit Lounge.


I had a great time at the session on Cutting Edge YA Lit, which featured writers: Lilliam Rivera (The Education of Margot Sanchez -Simon & Schuster, Feb. 21, 2017), JJ Strong, and Chris Terry (Zero Fade).


Artists in their element are always a joy to see.


Do check out the works of: Calida Garcia Rawles, James Haunt (pictured above), Clinton Bopp, and the band Small Shelter.

A total geek moment of the event: typing on an old typewriter.


 I’ll be posting more pictures of the event over the next few days on my Instagram, so keep a look out!