Hey. Take the rest of the year off.

Random overheard conversations are always interesting. They tell us so much about the people involved and all in a lightening fast speed. Today, as I stood in the grocery store wondering which type of oatmeal I would like to devour, apple cinnamon or strawberry, I heard certain intriguing happenings planned for midnight tonight.

Look Up in 2016.

A middle-aged woman blasted through the stock room doors. When I looked up, she had her back to me and was waving  with both hands to a group of co-workers, which were seen through those round plastic windows in the door.

“So…it’s later tonight? Six, did ya say?” someone called out.

“No. No. Midnight. My place,” she said, with a hint of annoyance.


“Every year.”

“From where? Didn’t the city say-”

“Oh. Come on. We all know a guy.”

“Alright then. Hey, you know what? You go on and take the rest of the year off,” the same voice called out.

The comment was followed by rumble of laughter, the woman grinned back and walked out of my eyesight.



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