Musikal Musings #3 – The City



The United States is two places. Two cities, actually. New York and Los Angeles. Where did you come from? Where do you call “home”? Well, it has to be the east or west coast, right? Because let’s face it, the United States doesn’t really have a middle. I mean, sure there’s New Orleans and Miami but the focus has always been on NYC and LA. It always amuses me, the stereotypes and perspectives that many place on those coming from the various cities. People, knowingly or unknowingly, act as if others are coming from a whole other nation and not a couple miles away.

Though there is a sense of solidarity that surrounds those that embrace their local spaces. This next song and Musikal Musings #3 is just about that, the love that many of us have for our cities.

The song title is Dilli 6, from the Indian film Dehli 6 (2009).

The piece is in Hindi and there are bits of French and that combination makes me smile.

Artists involved are: Blaaze, Benny Dayal, Tanvi Shah, Viviane Chaix, Claire, and A.R. Rahman.


Let me know how you like this one.


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