Books. Art. A little rain. What more could you ask for?



Last weekend, something was stirring in Los Angeles.

The L.A. Times Festival of Books held on the grounds of USC was an inspirational space. Getting to it however, was another story. Finding parking when there are multiple events happening in the same section of the city is something you’ve got to leave to the powers that be. I think I must have walked five miles by the time the day was done. It was definitely worth it.


Author panels and artist performances were everywhere and this semi-controlled chaos did get overwhelming at times.

One of my favorite parts of the event was spending time at the Kaya Press & USC PhD in Creative Writing & Literature-Indie Lit Lounge.


I had a great time at the session on Cutting Edge YA Lit, which featured writers: Lilliam Rivera (The Education of Margot Sanchez -Simon & Schuster, Feb. 21, 2017), JJ Strong, and Chris Terry (Zero Fade).


Artists in their element are always a joy to see.


Do check out the works of: Calida Garcia Rawles, James Haunt (pictured above), Clinton Bopp, and the band Small Shelter.

A total geek moment of the event: typing on an old typewriter.


 I’ll be posting more pictures of the event over the next few days on my Instagram, so keep a look out!



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