My Neighbor: The Vampire


You always seem to meet me on those dark and ever-so thundering nights, neighbor. Sorry, did I freak you out? I was just treading the pathways of the complex. It’s good for pre and post digestion, you know.


Oh. I guess dressing in all black doesn’t help. But what can I say? That’s how us rebels roll. The other colors just don’t reflect our inner badassness like black does. I guess there is always…dark gray.


But, we can meet under the sunny blue daylight too, but it’ll be a little awkward, you know, considering…

That I work the graveyard—What? No, I don’t work at the graveyard. I work the graveyard shift at the hospital.


The sun doesn’t do it for me. My roommates and I prefer a different kind of light, a waning moonlight paired with sweet dead silence. But here in the city, you can’t seem to get that quiet life. The countryside was nice, filled with less noisy things.


Anyways, it’s almost midnight, want to meet up around two and get some spicy garlic noodles? Hmm? No, I’m not allergic. Just who do you think I am?




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